Preschool At The Heights

We are currently enrolling students for the Fall 2021-2022 school year and plan to open in September.  Please go to the PATH website for information about next school year 2021-2022 and registration information. You can also download our registration form here! 

2021-2022 Registration Form

Preschool at the Heights is currently open.  We have two full classrooms and are offering a Wednesday only Play Group.  Please call the office to see if space is available for the Play Group and get signed up. 

Sixteen years ago, teams of questioners canvassed the community, asking how University Heights could better serve the community. From the answers to these questions, we realized many young families were interested in having a preschool physically within this community. After raising enough money to help it operate for the first two years, building a playground, and renovating half the building, we welcomed Preschool At The Heights into our midst. We are now in our sixteenth year of providing space and utilities to this wonderful group of 65 children, and the school is on sound financial footing. We continue to invite the preschool families to participate in children’s activities offered by the church and enjoy our relationship with this new group of friends and family.


To learn more about PATH click here to visit the PATH website or give us a call at 404.417.9888