University Heights United Methodist Church is the result of a massive church growth movement following The Second World War. The suburbs were growing around Atlanta and the church was following the people.

     Glenn Memorial, the United Methodist Church on the Emory campus, is the mother church. Under the leadership of Dr. Candler Budd, the church was envisioned. (The assisted living unit at Wesley Woods, Budd Terrace, is named for him.) In 1956 two students from Candler School of Theoloy at Emory were appointed to start a church in this area. They were Harold Brooks and Edgar Lee Starr. They secured permission to use space at the Medlock Elememary School. Surveying the area they found a number of people interested in a Methodist Church and began gathering for worship. Victor Schroedar was appointed the next year as the first full time pastor. In the third grade classroom he and this group formed a church. The church took the name University Heights because of its location. It was an established name and did not change when it moved to the present site.

     Victor was followed by Bill Landis. Under his leadership the site was purchased and the educational wing was built. Property on Druid Hills Road, which would be more visible, was desired. Due to the cost of that property and a very reasonable price of the present location, the decision to locate in North Druid Woods was made. Bill went on to be the Director of The Wesley Foundation at Georgia Tech.

     It was under the seven year pastorate of Charles Hoover that the church grew to its peak in the 1960s. The sanctuary was built under his leadership, a pre-school program was a great success and an outstanding music ministry was initiated.

     James Sanders was appointed in 1969. The educational building was not air conditioned and thus practically unusable during the summer. A major renovation was made with the addition of the air conditioning. An active youth program was begun and the basement was made into a gathering place for the youth.

     A series of pastors followed, each contributing to the life of the church. University Heights has always had an outreach to the needs of others and has actively participated in local missions. It still has a dynamic children's ministry with its pre-school program. The church has warmly received Donn Ann Weber as its first female pastor and is continuing to pursue its ministry to the community.